London wheelchair rugby coach reacts to funding cuts

By Greg Potts

With seemingly all recent disability sport talk being dominated by the funding cuts to Wheelchair Rugby, we asked London Wheelchair Rugby Club (LWRC) coach Craig Streeter what effect this would have at a local level.

Streeter has been coaching at LWRC for a year and a half after previously playing for the club around a decade earlier. The £3m cuts made by UK Sport apply to Team GB’s funding before Tokyo 2020 but could have an effect on the sport at all levels.

“It was a major shock, especially to lose everything completely,” said Streeter. “In my personal opinion no sport should go without. The fact that it’s wheelchair rugby and it’s close to my heart does make it hard to hold back my feelings.”

LWRC and Team GB Mechanic Dorrien Preece explained that the funding for local teams still came from Sport England and said: “We’re still a well funded club. If someone shows commitment we might be able to invest in a chair for them.”

We for one hope that the funding cuts won’t put any new players off getting involved in one of the most intense and physical sports out there.


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