Wheelchair Rugby: The biggest hits on the net

By Louie Chandler

Wheelchair rugby is one of the most brutal sports going. So brutal in fact it’s been blessed with the nickname ‘Murderball’.

Here are some of the biggest hits that are on the worldwide web.

1) New Zealand vs Canada

Our first clip comes from the New Zealand Rugby foundation.

The poor unaware victim scoops up the ball only to be unceremoniously rammed to the floor, his head bouncing off the tacklers knee en route. Ouch!

2) University of Arizona Practice

If you think that players may go easier on each other during their training sessions, you are very much mistaken.

After being hit by two players, the poor fella pulled off a 180 degree spin before smashing onto the ground.

But at least he sees the funny side!

3) Phoenix Heat vs The Portland Pounders

Here we see two player ganging up on their victim at the Best of The West Tournament in the USA.

The defender bravely picks up the loose ball, but when he looks up probably instantly regretted it as he is launched into the air by two on rushing attackers.

4) USA vs Canada

Whatever the sport, when the USA and Canada meet, it always promises to be a bruising encounter.

And it is no different in the world of Wheelchair Rugby. This hit was so brutal, even the cameraman did’t see it coming! It left the poor Canadian stricken on the floor for a while as well.

5) Chris Hull vs Tim Jones

A last ditch tackle now, and you can see just what it means to Hull as he topples Jones right at the last.

6) Seattle Slam vs Boise Bomber

Slam by name, slam by nature. As Boise launch an attack from deep in their own half, a hopeful attacker races after the loose ball.

But out of the three ravenous defenders closing down on him, one was always going to send him flying.

7) Unknown

Sadly we don’t know which team or player to credit this hit to, but it was too good not to include!

The attacker looks up hopefully, before launching a pass just seconds before he is wiped-out by the defender.


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